Eversafe Ranch: A Charity That Goes Above and Beyond

by Roselyn Savady

Last week, a couple of my classmates and I got some first hand experience of what it is like to help a woman (who ran away from domestic violence) and her child move from a shelter to their own apartment. After she had the courage to leave her abusive husband, the woman and her son were left with absolutely nothing but the clothes on their backs. With her permission, we came along with Judy and Alan Daser (the founders of Eversafe Ranch) to help deliver furniture and to get some real perspective on how challenging life can be after moving out of a shelter.

Eversafe is a great little charity in Cloverdale, run by an amazing group of people with BIG hearts. They provide support to families living in shelters that are transitioning to secondary housing or to a place of their own. They also rescue animals that families can no longer care for. Unfortunately, that has been put on hold for now because they no longer have their ranch to keep them in. However, they still try to help these animals find loving homes.

My classmates and I wanted to do more, so we have started a crowd funding campaign to raise money towards helping Eversafe get a new sign for their non-profit charity thrift store, sending shelter children to summer camps and getting a bus (so they can take them to activities and events). We are also raising awareness through media relations by contacting local newspapers and broadcast stations.

This charity does so many great things that the public is not aware of. Not only do they provide the basic necessities for people who are struggling, they also guide and mentor those that need some extra help with living on their own. Eversafe, families and individuals from shelters deserves much more support from our community.

For more information about Eversafe Ranch and how to help donate and/or volunteer, please visit their websites:

http://www.eversaferanch.ca or http://www.gofundme.com/eversafe

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